Presentation Carlos Delfino

As you have already seen my name is Carlos Delfino, I worked with the ICT sector at 30 years, my first contact with electronics was at the age of 13, I got to take an electronics course at age 16 but I did not graduate, I came back with After the age of 35.

I met Fritizing when I was looking for a software to teach children who are at risk and at risk in the outskirts. My project is to teach electronics and programming to children who have the potential to advance with electronics and programming, and to occupy the time of those who are looking to get to know each other.

I am currently graduated in Project and Implemented Computer Networks in a 2 year course (technology) I have already worked with a scholarship holder in 2 masters and I work as an independent researcher. My current research is not linked to electronics, but the search for algorithm to help identify sexual violence of children and adolescents, seeking to alert social agents.

When you spark someones interest, it drives them to go further. Good work on helping other people.

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