Power LED 10W rgb


The ones with both layers won’t show it, and if there is any tht parts it also won’t show. Its only when there is nothing in copper0 the message shows.




I read this thread to see if the Power LED might be a candidate for including in core.
I also wondered if there is a fix needed for Fritzing. But it doesn’t seem so:
Having only one copper layer “copper1” for an SMD part seems to make sense :slight_smile:

Which one of the files is the best candidate to include?
Is there a link to manufacturer?


The jury is still out on that one. The problem @sublimeartistry reported may still be present (and he knows a lot more about making pcbs with Fritzing than I do.) The frustrating part is that he has stopped reading the forums, and there is no example parts that exhibit the reported failure which is ( I think) that SMD parts with non symmetrical pads translate to the bottom of the board incorrectly. I’ve never been able to reproduce this, but there may still be a problem.

There isn’t any indication of manufacturer or part number in any of the part files. The original poster made corrections as late as January of this year, so if he is still reading the forums perhaps he would provide a url or part number for the parts.

These three have been cleaned up slightly and renamed to meet core standards (remove the long randomizing numbers), but I think there may be an error in the 6pin part’s pcb.

unless the circled pads are a heat sink I think they shouldn’t be there. In any case these three parts meet core standards:

Power LED 10W rgb 6pin.fzpz (9.8 KB)

Power LED 10W rgb common anode.fzpz (10.0 KB)

Power LED 10W rgb common cathode.fzpz (10.0 KB)

By the way, is the forum sending emails (as it used to) when changes occur and the spam reputation is so poor they get deleted or has the send mechanism in the forum broken? There used to be emails sent when a forum entry you participated in was updated, but I haven’t seen any in a long time, and have seen a few similar comments from others. That said, the site I read mail on used to be discarding %99 of the inbound email as spam, so it could well be spam reputation is the issue.