Picobuck for Fritzing

Picobuck .fzpz (26.1 KB)
Part in Fritzing for picobuck

Can you just upload the fzpz part with the 7th button above, because that text doesn’t seem to link.

Just Reuploaded hope it works now! Thanks for lmk!

I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do with that because there is nothing to click on.
Did you use the 6th button for code, or the 7th to upload the part.
Maybe download the part from where ever you got it, and use the 7th button to upload the actual fzpz.

I have been dowloading the part from fritzing and using the 7th button. I created this part myself. Should I dowload it as someting other than fzpz b/c that is what i have rn?

My other two parts uploaded successfully so I am confused as to why this one wont?

Now it’s fixed. Before all I was getting was a text statement for an upload, now it’s a link.

There are pin alignment problem with that part…

Don’t know about the part, but looks like, the breadboard svg resized from the side, the ellipse holes are really irritating my eyes…!

And I think you only made the breadboard part, the other views are still a 8-pin IC…

Yeah his parts are squashed.

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