Pcb track to hole


I have put down 4 circular pads for a small modular power supply: (80-230v ac in and +24vdc out). I laid down 4 holes 1.1mm dia with copper 2.5 mm dia,

Problem is when I click on a component to join up to any of the circular pads I have created the track refuses to connect. What is the point of having copper around a hole if you cannot connect to it?

Please tell me this can be done somehow, surely!

If not, what else do you suggest please? Do I have to create a new component just to do this? How do I create this new and very simple component? - the help is not very helpful on this.

Many thanks!


I am replying to my own topic as I have further development.

I could not connect to a hole with copper round it, but I found I could lay down a via pad and connect to that. So I could easily solve my initial problem of laying down 4 pads for an ac to dc module.

But the question is: my pcb design is single sided. A via would normally be used for double sided. So what effect will this have on the Gerber file? will it cause an inconsistency or any other problem?