PCB created but missing the Green PCB

As a newbie, I have created my first Fritzing PCB design with all the components & tracks but without the Green PC Board.
How can I now add the missing Green PCB background to my design to export it as a Gerber file to have it made?

in the core parts there is the part PCB there is a square type and also a ellipse (if you want to create a ellipse or a round pcb)

In the PCB view the board is grey.

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I selected in Core Parts in PCB View / Inspector Rectangular PCB Resizeable.
& Drew a Rectangle to represent the outline of my required PCB board.
However, as soon as I release the mouse key the PCB Board outline disappears.
The Inspector reports the Size as Width = 11.3mm & Height = 11.3mm but it does not show on the screen.
I have also tried saving the design & reloading it but the PCB Board still does not show on the screen.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

hi Syd,

What version of fritzing, and what OS do you run?

are you maybe zoomed all the way in or out.
A screenshot might help

Have you tried dragging and dropping the PCB part into the editor? And then size it, and position it.

I am running Fritzing BETA Version: 0.9.0 (bda4e 2014-06-11)64 [Qt 4.8.6]
My Operating System is: Linux 3.14.2 X86_64 Linux-GNU

I am able to Zoom In & Out fully.

Screen Shot Attached:
/home/syd/Screenshot from 2016-03-13 08-22-27.png

I am not able to upload my .fzz file to manostien as requested.
Server reports that I am a new user.

I have tried several times unsuccessfully.

Please advise how to upload my .fzz file.

I have now downloaded the new version of Fritzing, updated my Ubuntu Linux and created a new PC design with standard components including a 555 Timer, without first opening a blank PCB as I did not know what size PCB i needed.
When I tried to export it for etching I get the message :
“Your sketch does not have a board yet! Please add a PCB in order to export etchable”.
I have searched but cannot find anything in the parts bin.
Can someone help me please

Can you open a new project, resize the board, and then select all the parts on your design and paste them into the new.

In PCB go to the bottom of core bin, PCB view, there are boards there.

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I selected the grey pcb from the core parts.
I notice that all the Fritzing examples on the net use a green pcb. Is there a reason why?

Nope, there is no reason for this… you can make custom PCBs any color you want. Gray seams to be a neutral background color and easier to identify other colors, parts, traces, etc. (gray has no color). I have made some green ones and blue ones, what ever you prefer… Some of the green PCBs you see may be breadboard images or early Fritzing PCBs. Green has been the standard color of PCBs for many years and is best suited to symbolize a PCB.

If you want to make your custom PCB the color “chartreuse”… I can live with that… although the traces may blend in a little…