Part request: MAX6954


I’m looking for the MAX6954 and was wondering if anyone had this in Fritzing? I’m pretty new to the tool so not sure how to make one but i’ll give it a shot if there isn’t already one. It’s a LED display driver and the datasheet is here:



For the DIP package (at least), you can use the generic IC part. (First part in the ICs block of the CORE bin). That allows you to set the number of pins, row spacing, and more. It will not have any custom graphics for the schematic view, but you CAN edit the labels for each of the pins to match the data sheet.

If you are going to create a specific MAX6954 part, you can start with the generic IC, Edit it (new parts editor), replace the schematic view with a custom svg, then save and export it. You will also need to change the family for the custom part, to prevent Fritzing from replacing graphics unexpectedly for some cases. There are links to parts creation instructions in the Tutorials - … category here on the forum. Others here can help with part creation as well.

Hi MicroMerlin,

That’s great - thanks! I’ll give it a shot. I want to learn how to create parts as i’ve got a few parts which don’t exist in Fritzing (that I can see) so instead of bugging people for them, i’ll try to contribute :slight_smile: