Part request for wemos x-esp32

Hello, I have been trying to find a .fbpz parts file. Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you in advance.


I can’t even find a listing on the wemos site (or elsewhere on the web) for a x-esp32. If you have a link to a mechanical drawing it is easy enough to adapt one of the other esp boards (I’ve done 6 or 8 so far, so what is one more :slight_smile: ). I did find a site on ebay selling them, but it has no (or at least not enough) dimensions to be useful.


Since you apparently have a board, if you also have vernier calipers and you can provide the dimensions of the board and the spacing from the edge of the board (side and top) for the mounting holes and the .1 connectors (either to the edge of the .1 pin or to the center, but please specify which) and the diameter of the mounting holes in either mm or inches, that should be enough to make a part. I’m not sure this actually is a wemos board as it doesn’t appear on their web site and there doesn’t appear to be any mechanical drawings around for it so this may be your only hope for a part.