Part image is visible in Editor but not Sketch

Can you export the part from the parts bin in Fritzing and upload it here so we can have a look at it?

I can give that a try, I believe this is it:RPi_GPIO_40_09381300504110b0527e243079598d72_5.fzp (23.2 KB)

I also have the .svg if necessary. I hope I got the right file as I made several attempts and the naming is a bit daunting…

Unfortunately that is not the correct file. It is funny that everyone (including me the first time) look for the hidden file instead of right clicking on the part and pressing export which is what we need. The export will create a fzpz file which is just a zip file with all the svgs and the fzp file all together ready for import into another copy of Fritzing.

Thanks, see if this is correct, thanks again.

Raspberry Pi Header 40pin.fzpz (326.3 KB)

The image seems to be missing from the part. Can you upload the svg by itself?

Thanks for your patience, try this.

The image was visible in the parts editor, is that where you tried it?


I edited your post to make the picture bigger and as you can see it is only the header and the background is missing. Can you upload just the background SVG that you want in the part or is that what you uploaded and the forum has made it disappear?

EDIT: yes I looked at it in the editor and I unzipped the fzpz and looked at the underlying SVG file.

The file I sent does not appear to be correct. I :confused: see the image in inkscape and the editor!

I know there are some special requirements for Breadboard SVG so hopefully @Old_Grey or @vanepp can chime in and possibly let us know why this happens.

Here is the file I added…


I am trying again as I don’t see a file in my last reply

Strange I even looked at your post via edit and you did upload an SVG of a considerable size but when I save as and open in Inkscape it is completely empty. It is fairly clear that the SVG is the reason it is not working.

Thanks for your efforts! I’ll continue to investigate.

I put it up on Dropbox and I seem to be able to see it…:confused:

That is an embedded image not an actual vector graphic. I do know it is possible to use such an embedded image but I am not sure how. @Old_Grey has a video tutorial series that I believe has instructions on embedding an image in an svg for just such a use so hopefully he will be able to provide a quick answer. I should add that although it is possible to make a part this way it can not be submitted to Fritzing for addition to the library unless it is a true vector graphic svg.

Interesting, I believed I saved as “Plain .SVG” (vs .SVG). I’ll continue to experiment. Thanks for the help.

Here is @Old_Grey video tutorial on using an embedded picture.

Thanks, I’m also trying to recreate as a native .svg vs. using a bitmap.

I assume the RPi_Leaf.svg is just a png imported into INK.

To convert it to a svg path you go Path/Trace to Bitmap.
Press Update at each change to see what happens.
Select colors in Multi scans.
Turn off smooth.
Select the min number of scans that make it still look good. More scans look better, but someone told me more scans makes the file bigger, and big parts don’t get accepted into the FZ auto-update database. It’s probably too much with more than 1 scan, so do what you like because it works with any number of scans. 8-10 looks ok.
Select the orig imported image in XML editor and delete it.
Select the created path group and scale it until it’s correct.

I think the header is a proper svg with it’s connectors, so you have to delete all the other stuff like extra groups, paste it in the RPi_Leaf.svg, Edit/Select All and group it, name that group Breadboard, and Save as Plain svg.

I re-created using inkscape elements and came up with this which seems to work.

I did try Trace to Bitmap but I think this is much better.

Thanks for the guidance.

Raspberry Pi Header 40pin.fzpz (24.9 KB)