Part File Formatting

I am not sure if everyone here has seen this page yet as I only just found it myself. It explains a lot of things we have questioned on many occasions and would be worth the read for anyone making parts. It was written for manual parts creation like @vanepp does but a lot of what it talks about is also useful for those of us that use the parts editor. Wiki page

If you do not want to read all of it or you always use the parts editor like I do I would still recommend you at least read the “about SVGs” section and the “more SVG topics” section.

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Yep, that’s the bible the parts check script is running from (I’ve posted links to it a number of times). If you are making parts it is a useful read.


That was probably before I started on the forum as I can’t remember seeing before. Although I could have missed it I do try and read most everything I can :grinning: