Part does not stick on grid


I’m designing this new part, but this one doesn’t want to stick on the grid when I use it.

Any idea of the reason ?

SD_Card_Module.fzpz (4.3 KB)


I got it. I only defined the connectors on the copper1.

While your part has problems, the pins in the pcb svg file are defined in both copper1 and copper0 as they should be and (at least the ones defined) appear to work correctly and snap to the grid correctly. The layout in schematic is non standard and should be corrected, there are extra (unneeded) pads in breadboard (or perhaps needed but without pin definitions to make them useful), and the active row of pins in pcb is different than those in breadboard (unless the two rows connect together, in which case you need some bus definitions.) A better explaination of the problem you are seeing would probably help get a correct answer. Ah! looking closer I see the problem. In the .fzp file you are missing the
copper0 definition in the pcbview section. Somehow that lack (which FritzingCheckPart doesn’t notice, when it probably should!) causes the pcb alignment to be incorrect as the pads are offset 0.05in from the grid (which may be a bug since the lack of a layer shouldn’t affect the pin positioning I don’t think.) You can only attach traces to the top of the board because only copper1 is defined.