New2Fritzing...Help needed to make simple switch for pcb for students

I am trying to create a simple circuit board for my students to practice soldering. I found the LED, the coin cell battery holder but not the push buttons my school bought. I tried to make one but am pulling my hair out. Can anyone give advise, or create this part for me?

From Hawaii…Thanks Matthew

Would you please post the manufacture part numbers and or the specifications pdf? Someone maybe able to help :smiley:

Also, here are some part making tutorials which may help.

Thanks. I got the buttons from eBay so attached is the info I was able to find. Hopefully someone can help.

As for the tutorials, I’ll keep trying…I would love to learn how to do it myself.


Here’s another screen shot…might be some useful info too.

This is as far as I’ve got

There is some trick when you edit a part in Inkscape.
Somehow you have to make sure common bits of the drawing stay in their XML categories - copper bits in the copper section -.
If you work it out can you tell me.

Thanks…I’m still working on it…no success yet.

How far have you got, and where are you getting stuck?

I have tried to follow the tutorials on Sparkfun and other sites…it’s just not making sense.

I have no idea where you are getting stuck so I’ll just give you the links I used :-

Hey Grey,
Thanks for that stuff…I’ll keep playing around with it. Gotta tinker, right?