New parts with fzpz extension

Greetings. Compliments of the season. I have been trying to use vertical component parts unsuccessfully. I have read lots of suggestions about using fzpz extension files but end up with with image stating the file or directory is not found no matter where I put it.
Can anyone of this community help with a better solution I have seen on line.
Greatly appreciated. Porrapai south Africa

A fzp file is not a .fzpz file (the .fzp is only one part of an .fzpz file. In this case, use the Resistor upright.fzpz file from this post. Download it, start Fritzing and do File->open then navigate to the fzpz file and click OK. That will load the part in to the mine parts bin ready for use:

A search for “top view” in the forums will find the other similar parts (leds transistors etc.) designed for perfboard use. A fzpz file is a zipped file that contains typically 5 files, a .fzp and 4.svg files (one for each view):


You can export them by right clicking on the part in the parts bin and selecting export part which will write the .fzp file. You can then unzip the .fzpz file to modify the above files to change the part (although that is not easy to do.)


Thank you Vanepp. I have Uninstalled and re-installed Fritzing and the top view parts are now being imported correctly.
Best regards
Carlos Castanheira (Porrapai) South Africa

Good, if you run in to more problems feel free to ask.