New Part connectors default to center of image w/ red Halo

I’m making a new part from a SVG file created in InkScape on the Mac. The first part worked great. Now the second parts connections fail. When I click on the select graphic button, I can highlight the connection graphic, but the check mark does not appear on the connection number. When I place the item, the entire part is haloed in red, and the connections only go to the center of the part. What is wrong?

I tried to upload my failed part with this post, but “New Users cannot attach files”

Red halos are generally cause by unassigned pins or pins not properly labeled. Without actually looking at the files it is difficult to answer. You could upload your file(s) to and create a link to the svg in question.

Thanks steelgoose. Here are the SVG links:
This first junction box worked:
The second conduit bend did not work:

I see that I cannot upload my Fritzing file to imgh.

This is really interesting, not sure exactly what you are trying to do; it looks like this is a conduit with 12 wires (24 connections) that is to be used in the breadboard view… is that correct?

First, when you click on the select graphic button, you need to click on the “select graphic” button a second time to activate the button, the graphic you want to select will be highlighted in red. After you select the graphic, the highlights will go back to blue again. There is no layerID “breadboard”, but is still seams to work. Let me know what happens, if it doesn’t work, fill me in on what you are trying to do…