Need to modify pin spacing for HEADER 4 in connectors bin

There is a part called HEADER 4 (standard 4-pin 0.1 header) in the Connectors Bin of Fritzing. I need to modify it to fit a molex pcb mount power connector with .156 spacing (pitch). I understand this is the spacing between the center of one pin to another. I am new to fritzing and was wondering if someone can help me modify this part to just change the spacing between the 4 pins to .156" instead of .1 inches. everything else with the HEADER 4 part should be o.k. except the spacing between pins (pitch). Thanks for your help !!!

I may have posted this question prematurely. It seems that the .156 may be the diameter of the pin and the spacing between the four pins is a dfferent parameter, not the pitch. Obviously I need more work with connectors and if anyone can shed some light on what pitch actually means when it comes to connector pins and how the distance from one pin to the other on the HEADER 4 part is specified that would be a great help. To me it looks like the distance 0.1. Is this the actual spacing between the 4 pins? Any help on this is much appreciated.