Need RFM95 fzpz file!

Hi all,

I need a RFM95 fzpz file. Do you know where I could get one?

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A web search for “+RFM95 +fritzing part” turned up the adafruit product page. Opening the Technical Details on that finds Datasheet, EagleCAD PCB files, schematic, and Fritzing available in the product tutorial. Under Datasheets & Files on that page is Fritzing objects in the Adafruit Fritzing library. That parts folder there shows entries for:

Adafruit Feather 32u4 RFM9x.fzpz
Adafruit Feather 32u4 RFM9xW LoRa.fzpz
Adafruit Feather M0 RFM9x LoRa.fzpz
Adafruit RFM9x LoRa Radio.fzpx

The tutorial page in that chain says that the RFM69 has the same schematic, so you could try the parts files for that as well. The readme for the repository includes instructions to get the whole adafruit library, if you want that.

Hi @microMerlin,

Thanks very much for your help! Unfortunately this does not quite solve my problem as I need just the RFM9x chip without the breakout board.

Is there any way I can get just the chip on it’s own? If I have the chip I can easily edit it and route the wires!



I did not see the bare chip in my search results. Perhaps someone else knows where there might be one.

The tutorial page includes a link to the datasheet for the bare chip, so someone here might create a matching part file. Unfortunately, one of the main people that would typically do that is currently without Internet access.

From that information though, what you really want is a part file for SX1231. Not the RFM95.

@Zeb: I’m hoping that i undestood you right. I have created a part for the HopeRF module and uploaded also the SVG files ->

@ntm thank you very very much that is exactly what I need!

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I’m glad that i could help. Please, note that there is now updated version of the Fritzing part.

(I need update it again. Because some measurements are now off a little bit.)
@ZebNZ: v1.2 is the updated version.