Need help with new pushbutton part

Hi everyone … working on my first PCB board. Hope you can help me.

I really want to use a 90-degree mount pushbutton and slide switch, but I don’t see any in the parts library. Something like this one:

I tried to use the parts editor but got very quickly overwhelmed.

So, maybe someone could help me in one of the following ways:

  1. Point me to some appropriate switches (both slide and pushbutton) that already have Fritizing parts generated somewhere on the web
  2. Actually help me make these parts and then share them with the community
  3. Guide me through how to do this myself in the parts editor

I have read the parts_editor_help.html that comes with Fritzing but it just seems to assume that (A) I know how the old editor worked, and (B) I know how to edit SVG files. I know neither. There must be an easy button somewhere? Am I even asking in the right place?

Thanks! I love how easy it has been to get to this point and I’m ready to go except that I want to lay out these parts on my board so I can send it off to be printed.


Hi JoshS,

I don’t have a moment to go and make the part for you tonight, but I understand about the parts editor. To help you out on option #3, @tex_downey made these 2 really nice youtube videos on how to make a part. They are for an SMD, but just change to a through hole part to edit and you shouldn’t have to make anything fancy in inkscape or whatever program you use. It’s a 2 part video, so in the order you should watch:

I hope that helps, and if you have any more questions, or are really stumped, please post back.


Harrison – VE2HKW

That is super-helpful, thank you very much!