Need help with finding a library for a barcode scanner


I am new to this forum, I have recently started using Fritzing 0.8.7b but I’m unable to find the library for a barcode scanner (NTEUMM) for a smart lock project that I’m currently working on, If you guys can help me find the any libraries relating to the barcode scanner that’ll be great.

First off 0.8.7b is quite an old version of Fritzing, 0.9.4 is the current release and you would probably get better support if you upgraded to it. That said, are you looking for a Fritzing part for a barcode scanner or a software library to interface to it? A quick look at the NTEUMM site seems to indicate they are USB connected which generally doesn’t do well on Fritzing (few parts other than USB sockets support USB connections to other Fritzing parts.)