Need help for an Arduino connection

Hello, with a friend we have to do an eletric template, but we don’t know how to to connect our stuff. Can you help us please. Thank you
there is the link of our work
Thank you

Went to the sight and the screen does not show anything on computer. Will try with a different browser.

Nope, nothing in Chrome either.

Firefox pulls up a test.fzz file for me on Windows.


Looks like you have the rfid unit connected fine (I’d probably rotate the rfid device 90 degrees in schematic to make it more readable and align the wires to the grid, but it should work as is). That said there isn’t any indication of what you are trying to do so it is hard to provide any help. I’d assume that you want to connect the motor to the motor driver board and the motor driver board to the arduino and the touch sensors presumable want to go to analog ports on the arduino (simply because there description says resistive). There should be articles on the net on how to do those things.


In the lower right hand corner of the page under DOWNLOADS is test.fzz.

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Thanks a lot for your answers, we could finish our work because of you.