Mysterious Short?

I created a new part, but for some totally mysterious reason, two of the pins are “shorting” and I cannot figure out why. I have gone through the pin assignments many times (more than twice for each view – I more than double checked them). For some reason Fritzing believes pin1 and pin16 are connected together, at least in the Schematic view.

I uploaded the parts file to

You have a bus specified in the .fzp file which will internally connect pins 6 11 and 21.


    <bus id="gnd">
     <nodeMember connectorId="connector6"/>
     <nodeMember connectorId="connector11"/>
     <nodeMember connectorId="connector21"/>

It may have been left over from the part that you cloned this from and just needs to be removed (or corrected if it is needed!)


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