MRFC522 parts Not found

I am very new member of this forum. I was trying to make project with MRFC522. But I cant find this part in software. I got some for RFID but I am looking for mifare one. The one with RFID does not match PIN outs.
Can anybody help on this?

A google search for “fritzing part MRFC522” turns up one in a project:

If you download the .fzz file the MRFC522 part should be in the temp parts bin and can be exported by right clicking on the part then selecting export part. That gives you an fzpz file which you can load in to fritzing to load (and then reuse) the part. There is also a part available in a github repository (which may be the same part in the project):

I haven’t looked at either part, so if they don’t work or aren’t suitable, post again and I’ll have a look at fixing one or the other or finding a third one.


Seems similar. Thanks a lot. Will get back you as soon as I test the whole project.
Thanks once again.

Parts from the net are of varying quality, some are excellent, some are poor quality or non functional because part creation is hard, so if doesn’t work out feel free to post, I can usually fix up broken parts.