Move wires to back of protoshield

I’d like to be able have/show wires on both sides of the protoshield. see the image below. if anyone has done this or found a thread on this I’d love if you could forward it to me. As payment to the the forum for time spent answering this I promisie to start making/sharing custom parts to fritizing as soon as i get a little more familiar with it.
Thanks Peter

You can’t do this in breadboard view (which is where I think you want to). To do this you would need to do it in pcb view and they would be traces not wires (unless you used jumpers for the wires of course). Breadboard view is top view only.


Thanks for the quick response here. Yes it is in bread board view that i wanted to do this. but I can use it as is now. I want to just make sure I wasn’t missing something.