Move component pins (resistors etc)

looking to change resistor pin spacing, I can bend the legs for the breadboard easily enough, but for the PCB they seem fixed which is odd, must be missing something as just about every time I’ve worked with PCBs I’ve ended up using the legs of axial mount components to bridge gaps and generally run wires round.

I can do this using a generic “wire” to do the same thing but then can’t have a schematic that makes sense attached to it.

surely its possible to take a resistor and make it bridge a larger gap? and then slide the body of the thing between the points?

or indeed bend the legs so the component isn’t aligned directly between its mountings?

failing that is there a generic way to just draw on the mask layer? (thinking using a wire to stick the required holes, then drawing the components outline?)

In the case of resistors, if you drag the resistor in to the sketch and then click on it to select it and move to Inspector (the lower right window) the pull down menu “pin spacing” will change the pcb pad spacing over a restricted range. I think @Old_Grey may have made longer ones some time back (search in the forums for them.) Otherwise you would need to modify the pcb svg and make a new part.


I found the pin spacing bit, as you note the range is restricted.

seriously though? modify an SVG to stick a resistor into a slightly different hole?

think I’ll stick to using bits of wire

The svg modification is because of how parts are made. You could also look at the jumper in pcb in core parts. You can drag it to whatever length you need, it however won’'t show as a resistor in breadboard or schematic.


using the mystery part for connector headers, as long as pins and tracks works I can liv with it. ditto using wires, likely home making PCBs and won’t have a printed front anyway.

just find it a bit odd that a component that has a physically variable size is fixed here, especially given it can be varied in the breadboard section

Bendable legs (the reason breadboard moves) is a special case designed to move. PCB is harder to arrange although it can be done as for the jumper. Most any variable movement in PCB takes a code change which until development restarted last year wasn’t possible.


ahh well, fair enough, was worth asking, can get by using wires and pretending for now. can see experiments with custom components in the future as already found a few I need anyway