Maxim / Dallas Ds89c4x0

Hello all,
I’ve changed the AT89S51 part to Ds89c4x0 for Maxim / Dallas




Ds89c4x0.fzpz (11.8 KB)

Looks mostly fine. A couple of problems though, the icon is still an 8pin IC rather than 40. To fix that in parts editor, select icon view then file->reuse breadboard image which will copy the breadboard 40pin in to icon. The other is more serious. In breadboard view click on pins 11 and 12 of the IC. When you click on pin 11 it lights up yellow, however so does pin 32 because these two pins (and pin 12 and 31) are bussed together in the original part. There is a way to change this in parts editor, but I don’t remember what it is (I usually edit the underlying files to do this). I expect one of us that actually uses parts editor will chip in with where to change this.


In the editor under the list of pins on the right there is a check box that says set internal connections. Once that is checked it will show the internal connections as ratsnest lines which you can then right click on and select delete connection.

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