Maxiiot DL7612 Part Help

I wish to use Maxiiot DL7612 with Fritzing.
Data Sheet is at.

Can anyone help me with this Part?

This may do the job. The data sheet is not clear enough to make it any better (no suggested footprint pad dimensions for instance and where pin 1 is is a guess based on the pin names and the sma connector location as it is not specified). If you are making boards check the footprint carefully against a real part first.

edit: Replaced original part with a corrected pcb footprint from the new footprint data below.

DL7612.fzpz (9.2 KB)


Hello Peter,
You are my hero. :sunglasses: Thank for paying attention to my request.
Can you open and see picture from the following Link?
I got this drawing from manufacturer. So, it should be correct and there are more details than in Data Sheet. From the picture, the footprint pad is 1.2x2 mm.

Yes, that is a much more usable footprint. I have updated the pcb svg to the new footprint data and replaced the part above. I didn’t bother with breadboard as it should be close enough as is. You still need to check that the pin numbering is correct though, the current one is a guess based on the rf pin being close to the sma connector and might be incorrect.


Thank again, Peter. On PCB view, when I place my mouse on the footprint.
I see labels as following.

Pin 18 M GPIO19
Pin 19 M GPIO34
PIN 24 M AD5

Why those pins start with letter M? The others pins seem look OK to me.

For me (0.9.4 prerelease on Win7) that isn’t appearing. Pin 19 is showing up as:

GPIO19 (18)

as do all the others (with different name and pin number). That operating system and Fritzing version are you using? The M is likely from the label (for module) but I’m not sure where it is coming from since it should not show in a pin label and it should have a number such as M1 for the part. Does it do the same thing in schematic and breadboard or only pcb? For me breadboard and schematic are the same as long as I am on the pin, but if I move off a bit it changes to


to tell me what part I am selecting.


I am using Version 0.9.3 on windows 10. Closely look on schematic and PCB, it seems the letter M are inserted randomly. I think it does not cause any problems to my usage. I ordered the module today.
Let’s wait and see whether the foot prints are exactly match a real module or not. I will print out and check before ordering real PCB.

Interesting! I just fired up my win10 development system and ran 0.9.3b and it reacts the same as Win7, no Ms in any of the labels in breadboard schematic or pcb (I tried all pins in all 3 views) unless I am between pins in which case I get M1 Dl7612.

Using DL7612 part on my office PC, everything looks good. I will dig into detail why my PC at home strange things have happened.