Looking for N2524-6003-RB library for Fritzing

Dear all,

I’m looking Fritzing part library for N2524-6003-RB (IDC header 2x12) unfortunately, no sight of light to locate this library. I’ve very much appreciated it if you could share the library. I have attached the drawing screenshot.

Thank you.

This appears to be a dual row 12 position .1in header basically. If you drag the generic header in to any view (pcb in this case)

You can then use Inspector (the lower right window) to set number of pins, sex, and single or dual row. Dual row renders poorly in breadboard however (it is on my list of things to fix)

here I changed row from single to double, and number of pins to 24 (2*12) and it creates the correct pcb footprint you want but a single line connector in breadboard.