Looking for Arduino Nano 3.1 (ATmega 328p)

Hi everybody, I am totally new to Fritzing, so it maybe I missed it, but I am not able to find the Arduino Nano 3.1 in the parts library. Of course, Arduino Nano 3.0 is contained, but compared to 3.1 there are several pins missing. Since the Nano is a very common µC, i wonder if someone already created the 3.1 version as a part for the lib?

Thanks in advance,

What pins are missing? According to the arduino forums the improvements on the 3.1 version are all internal and thus the 3.0 version in core should work fine. If you are looking for the icsp pins, there is a different part in core parts (arduino nano 3.0 iscp) which has those pins active. They appear but aren’t connectable to in the nano 3.0 part.