Looking for an Arduino proto-shield library part


has anybody this part-file or an link?

This is likely as close as there is at least for now.


note it is possible (but a fair amount of work) to make a custom part that fits this exact board.


Hello and thank you,

I search a really blank part with only wholes in the raster and the 2 pin-rows for the Arduino. No connectors for passive elements or a breadboard.

I will try to make one in the winter . Before I must learn editing. I have downloaded all videos.

Best regards

Unfortunately a protoboard is a variation of a breadboard and thus fairly complex to make (with a lot of special, mostly undocumented requirements in the fzp file.) If you have a flat jpg inage of the board and its dimensions (height and width) I’ll look at making one.


Here is something you might be able to use as a base. This is a template for creating a shield part for an arduino uno. It is not a complete part as is. Download and unzip to get fzp file, plus breadboard and schematic svg images. Breadboard is that main file you probably want. The fzp might be helpful as well.
uno_shield_template.fzpz (7.6 KB)

I found an acceptable image here

If this matches your board (which it mostly appears to) it will serve as a base.


here the jpg image above is imported to Inkscape and scaled and overlaid on the pcb svg from a UNO ICSP. It appears to match, so a part can be made from this fairly easily (at least for me.) A clearer image of the lettering on your actual board would help if you have one.

The icsp pins serve to validate the body pin spacing here …


Hello Peter,

very great!

I have a picture which seems to be a litte bit better

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Yep that image is good enough to take the names off of. Breadboard is almost done (just working on extracting the path from the damn translates to get the board outline.)

all the pads are in place and ready to go just needs renumbering (which I have a script for.)


OK I finally worked out all my problems and I think this part does what you want.

arduino-proto-shield.fzpz (18.7 KB)

The way I first did it didn’t reflect the connections in to schematic and pcb. This version does:


Very great! Thank you very much.