Looking for a TQFP-44

I have a PCB project I want to work on, whose central component only comes in a 44-pin QFP (TQFP or MQFP). Currently, the only package that Fritzing will accept in 44 pins is DIP. Has anyone put together a TQFP-44 for Fritzing? Or am I stuck with either trying to make one myself, or giving up?

The ATMEGA32U4 part has a tqfp-44 footprint (found by searching for tqfp-44 in parts). I think there are a couple of others around as well, but that is the first I found.


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Bada-boom-bah! That should work. Thank you! :grinning:

You need to check the footprint against your part, some of them are incorrect, and some parts want a different footprint than what Fritzing has.


Good tip. Yeah, I’ll check the dimensions and stuff before I lay down a bunch of connections.

I am currently creating a part for a tqfp44 STC12C MPU.
There are 2 layouts that I am aware of: .254mm (.1") spacing on the pads and .8mm spacing
I am working with a .8mm spacing.
Let me know and I will pass it on to you when I am done.

I did get a usable model ATMEGA chip (not the one vanepp cites above, but a similar one) and made mine from that using the New Parts Editor. The chip I’m trying to implement is ADV7171; the pitch is 0.8mm, like the one you’re working up.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You both may find this useful:

Someone wanted a PIC in tqfp-44 so I modified the ATMEGA schematic to break out all 44 pins so you can just edit the pins with Inspector to make pretty much any tqfp-44 chip easily (the ATMEGA schematic is chip specific so it won’t do this.)