LM2596 created. How to add it to main repository?

For a project I’m developing, I needed to create a new part, a LM2596 switching voltage regulator http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/lm2596.pdf from Texas Instruments. I would like to know how one would go about adding this part to the main fritzing repository, so that other people can use it too… Should I just fork the repository on github and add a pull-request? and if so, where should the files go?

So far, the files live here https://github.com/amchagas/LM2596


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yes sir! do a pull request, boom it should get into the next release. Hopefully you’ve fully tested the component, and it’s working according to schematic :smile:

have a quick read here

Thanks for the LM2596 and your hard work!

Could we create some kind of checklist?

Basic criteria that should be checked by at least 2(?) people

Are there ways other then github to add parts to fritzing?

You can add parts to the Share your custom made parts here pinned tab - don’t know why it doesn’t stay at the top when it is pinned.

There is an upload button when you add a post.

Yea, ok. Not sure why i asked that last question…
looks like i was hoping for something in between, More easy to manage then forum posts but without the need of another account, and learning github stuff

It’s now possible for new forum users to upload attachments. Experts may also create a pull-request to the fritzing-parts repository.

Hi all,
Sorry for the late reply. Here is the part created. lm2596.fzpz (9.9 KB)

Should I just leave it here so that someone with “pull-request” rights uploads it to the repository?

On a related note, where do the contributed parts go? I mean, I could add to the “mine” part, but couldn’t find all the necessary folders to add the different part files…

Sorry, this information wasn’t very clear up to now… I just updated and detailed the instructions here: https://github.com/fritzing/fritzing-parts/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md

hi, it is me again with a very late reply…
So I tried to follow the steps at the link provided and ended up with a branch with the new part, but I can’t seem to create a pull request as github states that my fork and fritzing master have completely different commit histories…

There isn’t anything to compare.
fritzing:master and amchagas:add2596 are
entirely different commit histories.

As I’m no git expert, I have no clue how to solve this…
Anyone has any ideas?



I would love to use the LM2596 but I still can’t find it in the repository. I also cannot import the file downloaded from the link in this thread.

I’m completely new to the Fritzing software. Am I doing something wrong or can I find a working file somewhere? I tried importing another component which worked fine.



Im also having problems with importing the LM2596 into “mine” library as its saying its unable to load the part. anyone found a work around to this?

Here is your LM2596, I think it should import without error, the breadboard view PCB needs to be modified so it will fit with all pins usable on the breadboard. LM2596.fzpz (8.6 KB)

Thanks Steelgoose,

The import works now. It seems that the SMD footprint lacks two pins but I’ll see if I can fix that myself.


I didn’t change anything in the files… I just fixed the error so it would import. The PCB in the breadboard view has 2 pins on the top and 3 on the bottom. It would work better on the breadboard if all 5 pins were on the bottom of the PCB.

Actually, I am not sure about it.