Large digit Driver componant

I’m looking for componant to design a projet with Large Digit Driver of Sparkfun,
Have you componant to add fritzing ?


You have to provide a link to the part.

A google search on “fritzing part SparkFun Large Digit Driver” indicates that it is in the Sparkfun Fritzing parts repo on github:

You would need to download the repo and load either the part as an fzpz file or the whole library in to frtizing as it isn’t loaded by default.


I see when I looked at the posted url it is the repo for the part itself. The fritzing part is in

as Fritzing_Parts/products/13279_sfe_large_digit_driver.fzpz

which is a fritzing part file. As noted you will need to either extract that particular file from the repo or (probably easier) load the whole repo. There are instructions on how to do that on the Sparkfun site as I recall.