Keep PCB from being selected

Another little tid-bit of precious knowledge… Using your shift and trace. When holding your shift, one end will snap to either 45 or 90 deg. The starting end of your trace is the dominate end, that is the end that will snap. If you delete your trace and redraw it starting from the other end, then the other end will snap to 45 or 90… When you add another bend in the trace, the 45 or 90 will continue from the starting end. Starting all of you traces from the same connector or dip, this will make it easier to lay out your traces…

actually steelgoose, now that I set the grid at .025 no issues at all – snaps perfectly no matter what.

don’t have to “goof” with it at all. any thoughts on that machine file thing? I’ll have to find out one way or another and go to another program if I can’t generate these machine files for the assembler.

really liking this however.

wonder if machine files are part of the gerber – or maybe you can generate them from gerber files?

running up a bill here – I owe you at least 1.75 - thanks for your help

Hmmm, that might be something to research… never had a need for that. My best guess is to check with Seeed, that is what they do. I suppose it depends on quantity; short run, big run, and a few other factors.


Did you set your grid to .025 in or mm?

To answer your question about the machine file. Upon an Extended-Gerber(rs-274X) export, there should be a file (name of project)_pnp.txt that should have the information an assembly house will need to place your components on the PCB. IE assemble that for you. If you do an export you should be able to confirm this.

Good luck!

Just found out that if you want a 1N4007 - FZ only has a 1N4001 - etc, you pull the 1N4001 into a view and just change the part# label in the Inspector.
I’ve been editing the original part and saving it as a new part with the new label.
Looks like you can change a lot of info in the parts Inspector, just by typing it in.