Is there a L298A part in library

I’m new to Fritzing but have been able to make all the circuits I’ve needed so far. My next circuit uses a L298A motor driver, I can’t find the part in the library. I know it’s not the best of drivers but it is a fairly common one and I would think with the extensive library I’ve found so far there would be a part for me to use without me creating it, which I will do if needed.

Is there a L298A part I can use?


There doesn’t appear to be a L298A, assuming you mean a L298N there are several Fritzing parts available. A google search of the form “fritzing part L298N” will turn them up.


Well that was particularly dumb of me. I knew it was L298N not L298A, maybe I shouldn’t have been doing that at 4:00 in the morning. I couldn’t believe there wouldn’t be a model for that. I’ll check it when I get home from work. Thanks for pointing out my error