Is it possible to separate a schematic on multiple PCB?

My circuit has to be separated in several PCBs interconnected with wires. I can’t see any option how to achieve this from one single schematic.

Any suggestions?

The easiest is likely to be one sketch for each pcb ( that will give you separate gerbers for each pcb.) The interconnections are represented by either connectors or headers. If you need one pcb for some reason, the same trick should work, the interconnect goes in to a connector or header and the matching connector (with no connection in schematic between them, which would create a net) for the interconnection. Someone else may have more suggestions, pcb is not usually my thing.


I’ve done it in one sketch using connectors as an expirement before and it worked, but I never examined the gerber output.

I’ll be trying it soon for a real set of boards I want to get made, or you could try it…

Please share your results…