I need NodeMcu Amica

Hi folks,
I am working on a project with NodeMcu Amica. But thing is after ton of search I could not find amica for fritzing. My eye may slip amica from search results . If anyone has amica or found one for fritzing,please share. Otherwise please build a new part for me because I am not a pro.

amica bback

Try the NodeMCU V1.0_fixed.fzpz in this post, it looks to be the one:

The difference between the various versions (that have the correct pin layout) is the width of the pins. This one is one of the .9in spacing models (which looks to be what you have.) There are also 1in and 1.1in variations. If you intend to make a pcb, before ordering boards you need to print out the footprint and check that the pin spacing, size of the hole (which can be obtained from the gerber drill.txt file) are 0.038in and the mounting holes are in the correct place (and present, many of the parts have mounting holes on silkscreen which will not get drilled unless you copy a hole in the sketch) for your particular board. If this doesn’t suit, post a link the the board that you have and I will have a look.


I’ve just posted this part, along with a number of others, under Heltec Dev Boards