How to remove variant?

I know how to create a new part. But how I can delete an old variant of the part so you can not change the variant in the inspektor.

I’m not entirely clear on what you are asking so here are some alternatives for different cases. Where is the old part you are trying to remove? If it is in core parts, you would need to submit a pull request with the appropriate changes on github. If it is another self loaded part, do you want to delete the old part? In that case right click on the part in the mine parts and select delete. Although it claims to have deleted the part, in practice you need to shutdown and restart Fritzing for the delete to take place. If you want to keep both parts, the easiest solution is to change the family property to something different than the original part. If they aren’t the same family the swap mechanism won’t offer the other variant to swap.


Thanks. This was the solution