How to access user parts

Newbie question - having downloaded ESP8266 NodeMCU LoLin module.fzpz and put it in fritzing-parts/user and rebuilt the parts library I still can’t find it.

What am I not doing please folks ?



I can’t comment on adding a part to fritzing this way, I’ve never done that. I add parts by using the menu file->open, then navigate to the module.fzpz (or whatever name.fzpz file) and open the file. The new part is added to the ‘MINE’ parts bin. When you exit fritzing, it will ask you if you want to keep the imported parts and if you want to save the changes to ‘My Parts’. Answering yes to both of these prompts will save the part.


You want to undo this as this will break the automatic parts update mechanism. The easy way to correct this is to just reinstall the Fritzing zip file (that won’t affect any of your sketches because it doesn’t modify the user directories.) As @just_randy said the correct way to load user parts is to use File->open then navigate to the .fzpz file and load it. That puts the part (assuming the part is valid) in your “mine” parts bin ready for use.


Ah ha - so that’s how you do it ! Easy when you know how :slightly_smiling_face:

Many thanks