How can I add SR PASSIVES T196P-100R?

I need to add in my project this potentiometer:

I think that this part isn’t in the default library.
I don’t understand the type of the package.
Can you help me in some way?


After a deep search, I think the right category for this potentiometer is “Trimopot”, because it is a multi turn potentiometer.
In Fritzing, under ‘trimpot’, there are some alternatives about 3mm and 5mm trimpots. In my view, this is a 19mm package, so in Fritzing there aren’t good alternatives for me.
How can I proceed?

I don’t immediately see one of these any where (although there may be one) so you would need a custom part for it. It is easy enough for me to make one, it may take a couple of days to post.


@jorgechacblogspot If you look at the part details (datasheet linked from the technical information) from the previous link, you will see that the is not the correct footprint. The middle pin is also offset 0.1 inch, in the y direction for your image. Your screenshot is also not enough to use as a Fritzing part.

thanks for your help and contribution.
Unfortunatly, this part is not a generic trimmer with inline pins. We are dealing with a multiturn trimpot, 750mW, a very precise device (microMerlin is right).
I am trying to produce the svg of the part. I know how to edit an existing part but I don’t know how to delete the drawing and inserting a new one. Can you suggest me an how-to/guide about that?
Thank you very much.

File/Load image for view

Thank you very much. This helps a lot!

Adding a new part in Fritzing is very hard for us. It is not an easy part of the software, expecially for office use. We have no option: we need to change the software to avoid this process :frowning:
Thank you for your help and support.

This should do what you need. As always print out the pcb footprint and compare it to an actual part before ordering boards.

TI196-p.fzpz (5.2 KB)


I don’t blame him for leaving, using INK to make parts is too much for beginners, ie, we need something simpler and more compatible. I’ve never made a part in KiCAD or Eagle before, but yesterday I made my 100 pin SCH part drawing in 5min in both. FZ takes me 10min, and I roughly know what I’m doing.