HopeRF RFM95W LoRa Module


Fritzing Part:
RFM95W_LoRa_Module_v1-2.fzpz (15.7 KB)

SVG Files:
RFM95W_breadboard_v1-2 RFM95W_breadboard_v1-2
RFM95W_pcb_v1-2 RFM95W_pcb_v1-2
RFM95W_schematic_v1 RFM95W_schematic_v1

That’s a pretty good part, just needs a bit of changes.
The traces anchor to the centre of the pad, and if a trace takes a sudden turn it will over lap the next pad. To fix it you set the terminal point to the W for the left ones and right E for the right ones.

You can code it in XML, but you will have to look that up.
Also the right pads are cut off on the PCB, so you need to select all in INK and Edit/resize to selection. Same for the BB
In XML the g66 needs to be renamed silkscreen, or bring the buried group SS to the same level as copper1 and delete the unused above groups.

I have updated the part and SVGs.
But i’m not sure what the problem with cut off section in the PCB and Breadboard view created.

Anmerkung 2020-06-13 101844
I noticed that the dimensions of the part were different after the import with Fritzing.

I did start the parts in Inkscape with mm as the unit for the page width+height. The original measurement of the part are 16x16mm. That is why i chose that. But Inkscape seems to convert units different from what i expected.
Anmerkung 2020-06-13 101845
(screenshot of the page settings of the BB SVG)

When i turned the units to “in” it did convert the numbers. But they were not equal to the ones of the Viewbox settings. I played a little bit the viewbox settings and managed to make them equal to inch value of the page width+height. But afterwards i needed center everything on the page. The page frame is now a little bit bigger than necessary but nothing gets cut off.

I have updated the part and the SVGs again because the distance between the solder pads was not exact anymore.
It seems to be the best to set the display units and the units of the page width and height to the same unit and to adjust the scale factor of the view box.
Anmerkung 2020-06-13 121809
If one switches the width and height unit to inches then the view box values have the same decimal places. (But i still do not understood the context completely.)
Anmerkung 2020-06-13 122026

I think it’s the transforms.

Select group in INK XML Editor, ie, silkscreen, ungroup to base. Then without clicking on anything else - everything in that group is still selected -, regroup and rename, ie, silkscreen. That gets rid of transforms and it should go into FZ at the right scale.

Hmm. Is the FZ parts not alright? (It looks right to in Fritzing and Inkscape.)

Sorry I tend to not read the whole response because it’s too much work :slightly_smiling_face: . I thought you had to fudge the “Resize the part to selection” size in INK, ie, it had to be bigger, so that it would import into FZ the right size.

@Faizan2020: Unfortunately, I have no time in the next days. (Lets keep the discussion here: STOCKO connector design)

But this is paid work and I will pay you for this work if would invest your time.

Here is an improved version of this part and the changes made:


import pdf for layout!

Here I imported the board image from the pdf file then scaled it to match the board and added/moved components to make breadboard closer to the actual board. Renumber connector15/16 to 14/15 to remain in sequence (likely a parts editor bug!)


remove the connector terminals, they aren’t needed in pcb. Change pin to pad (SMD pads as opposed to through hole.)

remove text. Text can be added by the user to the sketch but can’t be removed if it is in the part without changing the part, so typically the pcb svg shouldn’t include text! Change pin15/16 to pin14/15 to remain in sequence. Added a dot to silkscreen to mark connector0


replaced with the template file and reduced size somewhat.

fzp file renumbered pins 14/15 and changed pcb pin to pad for smd pads. Added a bus for the 3 ground pins.

RFM95W_LoRa_Module_v1-2-improved.fzpz (20.4 KB)


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