Ground Fill with gap lines

Hello every one! i am workin with fritzing just a few days. I did advance good until now, but i am stucked with my ground fill. i did it and there are some line gaps in the ground fill. Someone knows how to have a clean placement or it is a bug?

Of course this picture is the final version for printing. In the Fritzing PCB it is barely visible, but still there.

Thank you!

Those are how Fritzing creates the ground fill. Frizing intersects lines with the other copper areas. I have never home etched a PCB from Fritzing but I can say they never show up in a professionally made boards I have made from Fritzing. I also believe they may not be there when you print them out on paper as I think they only show up because of how a monitor has a limited number of lines of resolution and it has to decide which pixels to display which SVG lines on and sometimes it shows them as having gaps but if you zoom in or out on the SVG those gaps move as they are not actually gaps.

I understand… but my concer is because the image was generated in PDF to print… and the gaps are there…
but i will give a try…
how do you print your bords? Do you use any othe program to this?

A PDF is also an SVG (Scalable vector graphic) and it could possibly still be a display issue unless you have printed it on plain paper already and it prints that way.

I haven’t etched a board in years now. I order my boards from Elecrow and get 5 100mm x 100mm professionally made boards for under $5 which is far less then it would cost to make a single PCB using toner transfer paper, etchant and copper clad board. Plus they are tested, have my choice of solder resist color, board thicknesses from 0.6 - 1.6mm and nice silkscreens all for that price.

There are many other places that have similar prices like Fusion PCB manufacturing (Seeedstudio) and Dirty PCBs but I prefer Elecrow myself. I’ve never had a bad board and if they find anything wrong with the solder resist or silkscreen during inspection they will remake them and send you all the PCBs. That means some times you will order 5 and get more just because the silkscreen is smudged or the color is off on some.

Many thanks for your attention, i will print and back to tell you the result. unfortunatly, i don´t have a easy contact company to do the boards…

You can use any of those companies. They all make boards for makers not just large corporations. They all accept PayPal and ship worldwide too. You just export your board as gerbers , zip them up and upload them to their site. They make the boards in about 1 week and send them off. If you are in a country that is part of the E-packet program you can select registered mail and email them and tell them you want E-packet shipping and get them in under two weeks for the cost of registered mail which for me in Canada takes up to 6 months so E-packet is a dream at under 2 weeks.

The ground fill gap lines should not cause a problem… we have been over this subject many times. They are caused by the way the algorithm that create the ground fill. The core people are working on a new algorithm for the ground fill… maybe the next upgrade they will have that fixed… :grinning:

Thank you for remarkable help here! As @sublimeartistry said, this lines disapear on printing! If anyone has this issue, print with confidence, no problem at all!!
Thank you @sublimeartistry and @steelgoose