Fritzing too small for hires display (3200x1800)

When using Fritzing on a hires laptop all captions and the toolbox are super-miniature (on a 3200x1800 Nvidia pixel laptop).
The breadboard and PCB layout areas are fine but the everything else and the component palette are VERY small.

Note: I had the same problem with Adobe Photoshop, they finally fixed it after a lot of people complaining about it.
It seems to affect a lot of graphical applications.

BTW the font size in all other applications is fine (also the main menu) so it is NOT a solution to change my font size in Windows as it will make all other programs appear HUGE. There is a problem in how your application calculates the required font size and image scaling. As a reference the font size of the to menu ‘File’ is the size one would expect for all text and menus (the letter ‘F’ of file it’s about 6mm high on my physical screen).

This will be fixed in the upcoming release. The latest Qt (which Fritzing runs on) now supports scaling for high-dpi screens. So it will all be the right size, though not high-resolution.

Hi Andre,
do you know any release date of that version with the latest Qt?
I’m not able to use Fritzing anymore with my new XPS 13.
Even if an Alpha version exists, I would appreciate it.
Regards to Potsdam from Berlin :wink:

I am also looking for this new update, using xps 15 on windows 10 and its way too small

same problem on my surface pro 3. is there a alpha ?

Hi guys, can you give the latest 0.9.3b a try? So far the result seems to be mixed, for some people it works, for some it doesn’t. We’re trying to figure out what’s going on…

I’m having a slightly different issue with Fritzing 0.9.3b on Xubuntu 16.04 on a 1080p screen. The components in the palette are a useable size but the program menu text and the bubble labels for components that appear if you hover the mouse over them are unreadably small. A screen grab is attached.

Update, under the font tab of the XFCE Settings-Appearance menu, I changed the DPI setting from 96 DPI to 144 DPI which made the menu and bubble label text a little larger so they are legible (all the other fonts for the system got bigger too, but I can live with that).

I just downloaded the program for the first time and from the videos I’ve watched it looks amazing, but it’s impossible to read the text in the parts selection. I’ve tried a few other programs, but this one looks like it’s right for me. Even the parts are small in the parts section.

Windows 10

my monitor

If you change the font size to 300% you get something that works a bit better, but it ruins the rest of your life.

But if you do, dont forget you can zoom out of web pages to make them readable by using ctrl + mouse wheel. It wont let you read the rest of your system, or anything else you run, and your menus, bookmarks, and browser tabs will be unreadable, but at least you will have web browsing and fritzing.

Zoom out to 67% for a readable browser with 300% font size.

[EDIT - It turns out you need to set your font size to 300% AFTER you open fritzing.

With font size at 300 I closed fritzing, then reopened it, and the fonts were too small to read again.

Everyone I know runs a retina screen (standard apple or pretty much any big pc screen), so this must have put off a lot of people from using this product.

I was ready to give up on it.]

Fritzing now looks like this (interestingly it looks like the parts images are being treated like fonts)…

Your best bet for getting a fix for this is to report it (or up vote an already open issue, although I don’t know ho to do that :slight_smile: ) here on github:

a search for “is:issue is:open high resolution display”

turns up several hits, but in Linux not for Win10 (although I expect the issue is the same for both.) While you will see the hits are from 2016 (when development basically died), development has restarted and (donations appearing :slight_smile: ) hopefully will continue, so this may get fixed if there is enough interest in doing it (or even better someone willing and capable of working on it!).



I did notice the dates, but didnt realise the project had stalled. I’d volunteer to fix it if I knew anything at all about these things. I’m a professional consumer of stuff. I dont actually know how it works :slight_smile:

Best I could offer would be as a tester.

I have done a few fixes, but the code is good, (it was originally a funded university research project), but complex and mostly uncommented. The way forward is thought to be hire professional developers from donations to finish the project. That was the original aim in 2016, but donations never amounted to enough to fund it. The new team is pushing donations harder and hopefully will succeed.


Besides the support for ~300dpi, there are also the issues of broken dpi configuration on user system, and dual screens with differing dpi settings.

My development system has about 150dpi… seems there are not many external monitors that go higher than 185dpi, at least not from the brand I checked. @120thingsin20years I guess you are on a notebook?

Yes, it’s a DELL laptop with a crazy resolution.
It had issues even with Photoshop though they did fix it (their menus were like 3 mm in height).
Have to say that i have not used Fritzing on that PC for a long time (I do still have it)

one note: there start to be a lot more “4K” laptops out there now
so expect 3840 x 2160 pixels to become more prevalent in coming years.

No, I’m just on a big 4K screen on my desktop.