Fritzing PART CREATION Video Tutorial Series

I’m going to do a series of part creation videos.

Open to fullscreen and select 1080p HD in the gear symbol, bottom left corner of the Youtube window, for max clarity.

Fritzing Part Creation - Chapter1 - New Part Editor

P.S. - Sorry about the voice, I’ve got a big nose.:yum:

EDIT - Found a new internal Fritzing part maker that accompanies the New Parts Editor.


Fritzing Part Creation - Chapter2 - Inkscape Basic

Learning Inkscape drawing basics.


Fritzing Part Creation - Chapter3 - Inkscape Advanced Essentials

Looking at more Inkscape features.

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Fritzing Part Creation - Chapter4 - Inkscape Advanced Extras

Extra tools you might use in Inkscape.


Fritzing Part Creation - Chapter5 - PCB View

Drawing for PCB view, and checking outputs.

Note : The contact pad size used in this video is an example, use the applicable size for your application.


Fritzing Part Creation - Chapter5.5 - PCB View Addendum

Addendum that covers pin contact size, Fritzing Edit problem, and auto pin assignment in Fritzing.

The generic IC in CORE bin didn’t like the PCB svg, which is odd because I’ve made part views from scratch and there hasn’t been any problems, so I’ve supplied a work around by using another DIP16 part which works fine.


Fritzing Part Creation - Chapter6 - Schematic View

It’s rare that you’ll have to make a schematic part from scratch, as they are so generic you could just use one from another part, but there are lots of tips in the video for things to look out for.

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Fritzing Part Creation - Chapter7 - Breadboard View

Breadboard View, mainly drawing tips, and another way to do text.


Fritzing Part Creation - Chapter8 - Metadata

Metadata, Icon, Connectors, and part checking.


My high speed part mod video.

Note : It’s quicker to get an individual svg by right-click/Edit the part and File/Show in Folder.


Fritzing Part Creation - Chapter9 - Using Photo and PDF for Parts

Using photos and PDFs for Breadboard view in Fritzing parts.

Generally not recommended, except for one-off parts.

Found a new internal Fritzing part editing method.

This accompanies the New Parts Editor so it’s Chapter1.5, and I have added it here and to the first post as well.

Fritzing Part Creation - Chapter1.5 - Generic to Specific part in Fritzing