Fritzing PART CREATION Video Tutorial Series

Making Fritzing Parts Fast 3 - Schematic

0:00 Intro
1:01 Setup Inkscape
1:31 Drawing the schematic from scratch
3:08 Resize page Method #1
4:19 Resize page Method #2
4:30 Misaligned pin snap Inkscape “transform” problem, and correction
5:32 Drawing to Fritzing standard
6:20 Pin assignment method #1 - Fzitzing Edit pin assignment
7:33 Pin assignment method #1 - Drawing tip
7:53 Pin assignment method #2,3,4 - Inkscape pin assignment
8:55 Text
9:45 Correcting the text “px” problem in the XML code
10:02 Making non important label text
11:02 Loading the schematic drawing into a part and testing it
11:50 Super fast simple schematic drawing

Making Fritzing Parts Fast 4 - PCB pt1

0:00 Intro
0:41 Fritzing drawing rules - Groups
2:31 Drawing PCB svg - Inkscape setup
3:13 Drawing PCB svg - Shortcut method 1
4:04 Getting connector pin svg from Fritzing
4:27 Modifying connector svg to paste into PCB svg
7:30 Inkscape Transform problem
8:48 Adding connector svg into PCB svg
10:19 Fixing the XML for the svg
11:06 Adding non working support pins
11:36 Checking dimensions using the ruler
11:47 Adding text
13:28 Removing the “px” in the text code
13:43 Adding the PCB to a Fritzing part

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