Fritzing don't save scheme

So when I chose “Save as” and chose filename for project, button what should be “save” is named “open”. And I can only open new folders as long i reach finish of directory and in last click “save” window disappear. The same for “Save”. When I exit without save and fritzing ask me if I want to save and I chose yes. It is the same. Can’t save scheme :frowning:

Linux mint 19.1 Tessa, fritzing from repository.

Sounds like the install from the repository is broken. I’d recommend trying the install from the Fritzing site by downloading the tar file and untarring it. That works fine on Ubuntu 18.04. If you don’'t have any sketches or custom parts you could try removing the user directories (Fritzing will replace them) in case it is database corruption. On linus they should be:


You can also just rename the two of them to keep the current copies and move them back if there is no change.