Fritzing 9.10 Recently Installed Will Not Open

I recently purchased Fritzing 9.10 to learn how to simulate small circuits in Fritzing. I received Fritzing 9.10 and installed it on my PC in Windows 10.

I had an installation icon on my PC screen.

It has gone away and I can no longer open Fritzing.

Can someone please send me a new Fritzing 9.10 exe file so that I can try to install Fritzing 9.10 once more?

The files should be in program files. If all that has happened is the short cut has gotten deleted, double clicking on Fritzing.exe should start Fritzing (and right clicking on it and click send to->desktop should recreate the short cut on the desktop. Otherwise you can just re execute the installer exe and it should reintall or repair the installation (although I haven’t had to do that.)


Thank you Peter. All is well. It opens.

I have been around computers since 1963. I have always been amused at the simple unexpected causes of a computer program failure.