First PCB for an own wordclock - any obvious mistakes?

Dear all fellow users of fritzing,

This is my first PCB ever created and it is for an own wordclock with RTC and timesignal via DCF77.
I would like to ask if a fast Review if possible if I made stupid mistakes …

This might be a request done quite often, but as everyone starts as a beginner, I hope for your Support!

Thanks and looking Forward to your considerations!
Lange PCB 2.fzz (21.9 KB)

At a quick glance (and a drc check) you have a number of problems. You don’t have any obvious need for most of the vias, there appears to be a missing connection on the block marked vcc in the lower left corner, same with gnd diode and leds (that may be ok as they appear to be connectors, but it may not either since a connection usually needs two wires). You have a mystery part without any modificationsI’d suggest the best place to start is to complete the schematic view so there is a proper schematic. In addition drc (routing->design rules check) finds a number of errors in the rtc which may indicate the part is broken as it appears to be user supplied rather than from core parts. There appears to be a part in core for the so you may be better to use that.


Dear Vanepp,

Thank you for having this Review!
The missing Connections (VCC Diode, GND Diode and LEDs) are, as you imagined, due to screw terminals.
The Mystery part is a DCF timesignal sensor, which I did not find in the parts list.
And you are correct, I did not perform the drc check… I adjusted the file´, so that now no error is obvious in the drc check. (The part in core is not working for me, because it adds too many holes in the pCB)

Thank you again!

While not wrong in the sense they will work fine, the vias can be eliminated with some better routing. Here I eliminated the pair on your resistor by doing the routing a bit better. It may be worthwhile to do the others as well.

Lange PCB 3.fzz (21.8 KB)


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