Fayalab 801-NU0005



conrad sell a Part:
Breadboard Total number of pins 288 Fayalab 801-NU0005 1 pc(s)
Item no.: 1395536
Manufacturer no.: 801-NU0005
EAN: 4016139039701

how can i use it in Fritzing ?

any help qould be appreciated,
also Money is not a Problem, so if anybody makes this Breadboard in Fritzing please post your offer.

Thanks many Times.



I’ll make one (having done so before) when I finish another part. They are tricky to make if you aren’t familiar with making breadboards (there are special codes in the fzp file).

This may take some time. I just remembered why to avoid breadboards: the svgs are very old (from the start of fritzing I expect) and the wrong scale. I’ve decided to bite the bullet and fix all the breadboard svgs but that means manually resetting all the pin labels which takes time.



This turned out to be easier than I thought (and a prototype for the new format to correct the other breadboards). If you find something that doesn’t work, post and I will try and fix it.

fayalab-801-nudos.fzpz (18.3 KB)

After I finish the parts checking script update I will make a python script to generate breadboards as that will be easier than manually doing the 5 or 6 current breadboards.