Extended via for easier soldering

Has anyone made a simple via that extends in one dimension?
Similar to the SparkFun intro to soldering kit vias.

Screen Shot 2023-02-13 at 21.38.07

Real simple.

You can change the ring size (but not the shape) in Inspector like this


increase ring size

by increasing ring thickness in Inspector (the lower right window.) It is also fairly trivial to make a custom part with the desired shape, but it can’t be adjusted it would need a new part for a different hole size. Vias are generally kept small so as not to waste space in pcb so it depends on what you want to do with it. This is a Raspberry PI GPIO connector with oblong pins designed to allow wires between pins. It is easy for me (perhaps less so for you) to create a part with only one of them to use as a via.


Awesome. Thank you so much, Peter.
I believe that will do to meet my needs.

I’m not sure how to remove all the other vias after reducing it to one connector and saving as a separate part. I will look through the tutorials, or someone amazing from this community like you will respond to this and help me. I know it will be very easy once I am pointed in the right direction.

Figured out how get to editing the right PCB file in a newly saved part.

But, I’m stuck on the .SVG format to export from Inkscape.
“Error reading file.” ~file path and “Unable to create renderer for” ~file path.

There is no Tiny option and plain .SVG (which I’ve seen in tutorials) does not seem to work.
I guess I will try all the other .SVG Save As options while waiting for a response here.
Thank you so much for your help, thus far. Amazing community I never knew existed.
Lol. I’ve been evangelizing Fritzing for ~15 years now, but hadn’t really seen this community until now. It may be I introduced some of the people on the forum. Grateful to find myself on the other side of the teacher/student relationship. Life, lol.

For myself when I need to figure this out again, and anyone else stuck:

It’s easiest to make a duplicate of an existing part. (Make sure to backup a copy of the file below before editing in Inkscape.)
Find the PCB .SVG file in your parts directories- Fritzing → Part → svg → user → PCB
Open that part in Inkscape, ungroup until you can edit what you want. Make sure to group again afterwards.
Edit → resize page to selection (You may want to simply edit the page size in Document Properties as this approach may move the connector away from the right corresponding place on the image.)
Save over old file.

Save as plain svg rather than the default Inkscape svg. After you have done that either edit the svgs with a text editor and remove the px from the font-sizes or run FritzingCheckPart.py against the fzp file to both check for errors and remove a number of things Fritzing doesn’t like about the things Inkscape does (there are more than just the px in font-size!)