Export creates distorted PCB

I made a PCB design and am trying to export it (RS-274X). However, for some reason the Gerber design becomes distorted when I submit it for production with Seeedstudio.

Image 1 - my original design in Fritzing
Image 2 - the resulting Gerber file, opened in Seeedstudio


What is this issue caused by? I tried resizing my PCB and moving components but the left side continues to be distorted. The board and both silkscreen layers I designed in Inkscape look perfectly fine.

EDIT: I redid my drawing in Inkscape, and gave it an extra few mm space on all sides, and it fixed the issue. Odd as this has never happened before.

This is the result of Fritzing not understanding the PCB outline. You can often fix it by breaking apart your path in inkscape. Other times you need to convert the shape to a path and the last solution that has worked is to simplify your path inkscape.