Errors when running Fritzing

I was able to download the Linux 64-bit version of Fritzing from the website. I went into the terminal and I extracted all the files to a folder using tar xjvf fritzing-0.9.3b.linux.AMD64.tar.bz2. Afterwards when I navigated to the folder in the terminal, I called ./Fritzing (not running the fritzing install sh file) and it gave me this error:

    `/home/grgwnw/fritzing-0.9.3b.linux.AMD64/lib/Fritzing: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory`

I am using a Samsung Chromebook 3 and I installed Linux through the beta version that Google has released. Is it an error that I did while I was extracting the file? Please help! Thank you very much!

Sounds like you are missing ssl. You might try the suggestions in this post


Thank you very much Peter. I was able to install it. However, I think that I might have done something wrong because when I open it, it launches but it gives me this error while loading:

Sorry, we have a problem with the swapping mechanism. Fritzing still works, but you won't be able to change parts properties.

Followed by: Cannot read file /home/grgwnw/bins/core.fzb: No such file or directory.

And: Fritzing cannot load the parts bin

Is there something I can do to fix this?

Yes, it is likely that the parts database got corrupted. To fix that delete the two user directories (they don’t get updated if you reinstall Fritzing) in


as you likely don’t have any sketches yet you can just delete them both and Fritzing will recreate them. When Fritzing comes up the first time it will likely appear to hang. It is off updating the parts from the github repository and interrupting it also corrupts the parts database, so wait and it will eventually (it may take a few minutes) ask you if you want to update the parts directory. Say yes to get the latest parts. It will do the update and then close. Restarting Fritzing should them work correctly.


It is also possible the initial parts repo is corrupted, so if deleting the user directories doesn’t fix it, delete the Fritzing directory and reload the zip file which will load a new initial parts repo.


Doesn’t work. I deleted both directories, and the error was still coming up. Is there also a faster way to delete the ~/.config/Fritzing without having to go through every single directory and deleting the files inside too?

if you are careful (because it will erase everything you specify so making a mistake is dangerous)

rm -r ~/.config/Fritzing
rm -r ~/Documents/Fritzing

should do it. If you have an alias that requires confirmation for each delete,

$ whereis rm
rm: /usr/bin/rm

should give you the location of rm in which case

/usr/bin/rm -r ~/.config/Fritzing

etc should do it without requiring the confirms. If deleting the user directories didn’t cure it, I’d suggest deleting the directory you unzipped Fritzing in to and redo the unzip and delete the two user directories so you are starting from a clean slate with a clean parts repository and see if that helps. If it still doesn’t work then you are probably missing another dependency.