Eagle2Fritzing on Windows


All I did was find an IC in the library and place it in SCH. And when I created the PCB it asked if I wanted to use that IC in PCB, and I said yes. Man that Eagle wasn’t intuitive, you make a project and right-click on the name in the index and that gives you the menus to make SCH and PCB views.


This is a Great post but when I run the run.sh file I didn’t get the output and so I used the command line, but at the end, I am getting the message

that i can’t parse the file,please help me with the error


While I still haven’t played with eagle2fritzing, this appears to indicate that file “console test.xml” is 0 length when it shouldn’t be. Unfortunately I have no idea what is supposed to generate the file.



Probably you have put an incorrect file name since I see you called it "console test.xml. Also, notice the first line of the script:

brd2svg -w "C:\Users\Admin\console\eagle2fritzing\brd2svg\new  board\boards

You have to avoid any whitespace in the path in order to make it work. Windows has some issues with the whitespace :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t remember how to do it with whitespaces (escaping with ‘/’ maybe?).

I will look at this topic for your response. Cheers!


whitespace escape for windows is usually ’ as in ‘file with white space’ or “file with white space”. Good catch.



thank you for your response vanepp and Kingdarboja the console.xml is the output file from my console.brd file